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The applet element defines an embedded applet.


The following attributes can be used with the a element:

Common attributes

Attribute Value Description
class classname Specifies a classname for an element
id id Specifies a unique id for an element
style style_definition Specifies an inline style for an element
title text Specifies extra information about an element

Required AttributesEdit

Attribute Value Description
code URL Specifies the file name of a Java applet
object name Specifies a reference to a serialized representation of an applet

Optional AttributesEdit

Attribute Value Description
align left
Specifies the alignment of an applet according to surrounding elements
alt text Specifies an alternate text for an applet
archive URL Specifies the location of an archive file
codebase URL Specifies a relative base URL for applets specified in the code attribute
height pixels Specifies the height of an applet
hspace pixels Defines the horizontal spacing around an applet
name name Defines the name for an applet (to use in scripts)
vspace pixels Defines the vertical spacing around an applet
width pixels Specifies the width of an applet